Sekolah Saya

Their Safety is Our Priority

Your Children Go To School Everyday, But How Safe Are They?

We truly understand that parents want to get notified when their children are safe within school compound.

Our Values

Safe and Sound

We notify parents when children reached school compount safely.

Children's status is well monitored by teachers in school.

Less for More

We let teachers do less work, with better efficiency.

We let parents keep track on children's workload.

Fast and Furious

We spread emergency news via social media (Facebook, Twitter).

We contact the nearest police station when children is reported missing.

Welcome to the new era of technology

Realtime Status For Children

Parents and teachers can work together to ensure the safety of children in School.

Upgraded Attendance System

Teachers able to monitor attendance of class, easier than ever; Even better, parents are able to apply leave for their children themselves.

Improved Parent-Teacher Interaction

Interaction between teacher and parent on the palm of the hand. Parents can have much better understanding of their child's condition at school.

Fast and Efficient Emergency Response

Parents are able to double check the status of children in school. If emergency arise, parents and teachers can work together to resolve the issues in a short period.